Attention Deficit Hyperactive

The main symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is very easy to get distracted, impulsive and restless. Therefore performance of general level can not be reached in schools, workplace and relationship.

ADHD patients have the following symptoms:

Pros : Creativity, thinking out of the box, unique outlook on life, distinctive sense of humor, amazing insistence and perseverance and strong intuition.

Cons : Unable to convert ideas into action, not able to elaborate their ideas to others, often angry and depressed mood, not good at handling money or make financial plans. Always misunderstood as lazy, inattentive or rude. Lack of organizational school and always obsessive or addictive onto something.

How to identify ADHD
  • can not pay attention to details of work or life, often make careless mistakes;
  • difficult to stay focus at work or entertainment;
  • day dreaming
  • can not follow instruction and cannot get the job done;
  • difficult to organize work and activities;
  • delay or reluctant to participate in work or activities that require intensive concentration;
  • lost necessity in work or activities;
  • easily distracted
  • forgetful in daily activities.

However, an individual must often or very often to shows 6 or more of the above symptoms for minimum 6 months consistently in order to suspect to have ADHD.


Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

Since there is no western medication that can cure this illness, alternative treatment is another hope. The Tole Neuro Acupuncture treatment developed a special formula for individuals with ADHD. For a start, you may try the Herbal Brain powder medicine. When you decide to visit KL Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment centre, they may help you to arrange the accommodation and treatments.

Chinese master has a very good reputation in traditional Chinese medicine. Many of his patients are from countries all over the world including kids with ADHD. Master will guide the parents on what to do and what not in treating ADHD kids. At the same time, proper diet is also being advised. Usually after full treatments, 4 to 12 weeks, ADHD symptoms are disappearing and often gone in their life. The treatment is totally naturally which does not require surgery nor any side effects.

With 145 years of practice and research inherited ancestral formula in the way of medical, Master is already a proven successful forth generation of Chinese medicine practitioner. The local newspaper did a cover about master treating kids with autism, ADD and ADHD.


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